Rock Leopard Brewing Co — Branding & Can Artwork.

I am not going to lie – I've wanted to work on some brewery branding since I first started out freelance.

So getting to work on Stacey Ayeh's latest brewery project firmly checked that box. Stacey was looking for clean branding for his new London-based brewery, while allowing space for free-reign and expression across labels and other surfaces.

The brand features a marque that uses the markings of a leopard's face, shaped into a hop. This strong, yet simple marque is designed to hold its own when combined with illustration, photography and other varied elements that will come with the beer designs.

This synergy with illustration in particular is shown to great effect with the revised 'Distant Cousin of a MuMu cat' artwork, shown below.

If you are looking for a no nonsense world class designer who will very quickly immerse himself into your world, understand it and then deliver beyond your expectations then look no further. The work he has done and does for us has gotten praise from people as far afield as Australia and USA. I would have no problem proclaiming Richard’s work ethic, undoubted talent and professionalism as nothing short of outstanding. #passiondelivered

Stacey Ayeh, Rock Leopard Brewing Co.

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